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LaRoche Environmental Services

A Lasting Impact

LaRoche Environmental Services is an erosion and sediment control contractor. Browse through our services below and get in touch for an estimate today.



For medium to large scale projects, hydroseeding is the most economical and basic form of seed establishment utilized for turf & native grasses, wildflowers, and erosion control mixes.

  • Regionally selected seed varieties

  • Fertilizer component tailored to site conditions

  • Hydro mulch fiber to aid in uniform seed disbursement & moisture retention

  • Tackifier to bind the slurry for uniform seed to soil contact during establishment

Straw Blowing

Straw blowing is the most cost-effective method to reduce soil erosion and sediment runoff on active and inactive construction sites. This methodology provides superior erosion control protection by limiting soil particle run-off resulting from rainfall at construction sites.
• Mechanically applied at rates determined by analyzing site conditions
• Sealed in place with Hydro mulch and Tackifier to reduce wind erosion if required.

Silt Sock 1.jpg

SWPPP Compliance

LaRoche Environmental Services offers installation and site monitoring services for your Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, (SWPPP), to effectively meet your governmental compliance needs so your company avoids costly fines, and delays in project completion.

• Silt Fencing

• Erosion Control Blankets

• Straw Wattles

• Drain Inlet Protection

• Silt Sock

SWPPP Inspection Services

Storm Water Pollution Presentation Plan (SWPPP) development and management, erosion and sediment control plan development, site audits, and post-enforcement services.

LaRoche Environmental Services technicians and inspectors are available for different levels of storm water assignments, depending on your particular project’s needs. LaRoche Environmental Services is able to provide Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and is also available to monitor those plans once they have been implemented into the job site. SWPPP’s are required for any disturbance of 1 acre or more of soil, even if not all of the soil is exposed at one time. SWPPP’s are also required for both commercial and residential projects.

We are available to provide SWPPP Monitoring and Inspection for the duration of your construction project. Our SWPPP inspectors also document any deficiencies that require maintenance or corrective action and ensure the proper adjustments are made.

Additional services include:

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) development and management

  • Erosion and sediment control plan development

  • SPDES compliance monitoring and report management

  • Establishment of best management practices/company-specific SPDES programs

  • Site audits

  • Post-enforcement inspection services
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