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At LaRoche Tree Service, Inc, we go the extra mile for our clients in order to make sure they’re satisfied with our work. We’re a leading contracting company offering innovative and top of the line services. Have a look at what our satisfied clients have to say below and get in touch with us for more information.


“As you’re probably aware, you have a team working on Old State Route 147 and they are on my property this week.  This is a great bunch of guys!  I’ve been chatting with them over the last month as they’ve been nearby and they’re all very polite and friendly.  Yesterday, I asked one of the guys doing traffic control if they could lift a gate off my former fence at the entrance to where they are working.  I told him I’d come back down with the truck and maybe they could put it in the bed for me.  I never got back down there and had to leave in late afternoon.  When I got back around 5:30pm, I found they not only had removed the gate from the hinges as I had asked, but they had delivered it to my yard!  Just wanted to let you know that I’ve got nothing but good things to say about your employees and about LaRoche Tree Service.”

“Thank you for the excellent service and work! The much improved site is a relief, and reminds me how good it was to work with all of you, now and in the future.”

“We were very pleased with the tree removal done recently on our property.  It was fun watching the fellas go about their work in a thorough, safe, and professional way.  We would be happy to recommend your company to anyone, and if needed we will call you again!”

“Everyone was very nice, professional, and did not waste any time!  They worked and were competent in their profession.  We are so glad we chose LaRoche for our tree service.  Great Company!  Great Employees!  Thank you!”

“A wonderful team from LaRoche came Monday morning and ground down the stumps of my former hedges.  What an outstanding job.  I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful work that you do!  Kudos to all of your staff!!  Professionals to the MAX!”

“I want to let you know your crews are doing a great job out here.  Safety is at the forefront of everything they do.  The equipment operators are excellent operators, the tree climbing and felling has been spot on and the rest of the crew is very respectful and helpful.”

“I compliment you on the efficient manner demonstrated by your employees.  They were courteous, pleasant, and neat in the way they completed their tasks.  No time was wasted and all safety requirements were observed.  I was amazed at how little noise was made throughout the job as well as how neat and thorough was the clean-up.  Good Job!”

“Thanks again for the excellent tree removal.  Many challenges were overcome by your team with removing the large silver maple.  You guys are the best in the region.”

“You have a really good crew that was professional and polite.  The crew leader did a great job of cutting and was very professional to deal with.”

“ I want to thank the guys at LaRoche for coming to my aid sooooo quickly.  They fit me in with a very busy and hectic schedule.  I highly recommend them.  Thank you so much!!”

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