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Common Questions

As an industry-leading contractor, we know how to bring your visions to life and our professional team is here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you have an inquiry about the logistics of a small scale project, or want to know more about how our team tackles the most complex jobs, we’re here to answer any question you may have. Check out some frequently asked ones below.

Do you give Free estimates?

We offer free local estimates. Please call for details. (740) 671-9488

Do you offer financing?

Sorry, we don’t offer financing but we have made arrangements with a credit union to make the process easier and can provide information when requested.

Do you pay into workers compensation, and can you provide proof of insurance?

Yes! Proof of workers compensation and liability insurance is provided with every proposal.

Do you work all year round?

Yes! We perform tree work all year long. In fact, some trees can only be trimmed in late fall and winter. An estimator can give details on site.

Do you have an arborist?

Yes! We have multiple ISA Certified Arborists on staff.

Do you remove stumps too?


Do you trim/ remove shrubs?


Do you do lot clearing?

Yes! We do residential and commercial lot clearing.

Do you top trees?

We do not top trees. We do what is called a crown reduction. Topping trees will harm the tree. An estimator will be glad to explain the difference on site.

How can I accept my proposal and get my project scheduled?

You can accept your proposal electronically, which will automatically generate a work order and put you on the schedule. It also sends a confirmation email letting you know that we received the accepted proposal.
The other option is for a proposal to be mailed to you. You will need to follow the steps that are sent in the package with the proposal. Once we receive the properly signed proposal, we will generate a work order and put you on the schedule. We will contact you as we get closer to when the work will be performed.

Do you do landscaping?

Sorry, we do not do landscaping. We are specialists in tree work and believe landscaping should be left to those who specialize in that discipline.

Do you do snow removal?

Sorry, we do not do snow removal.

Do you sell firewood, logs, or woodchips?

We currently do not sell firewood, logs, or woodchips at this time. If you have an easily accessible location that can be accessed at any time without notice, we may add you to our list of chip dump sites, but can’t guarantee chip availability.

Still have a question? Contact us now and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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